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In 2013 one man from Brisbane wanted underwear that was comfortable, durable and colorful; the market was hungry for such apparel so Lunch was prepared. Lunch has been served all around the world offering Australian designed, milled and manufactured Underwear, Swimwear and Sleepwear to men that deserve nothing less.

Leading into 2020 we continue to take the Lunch brand legacy of producing high quality, bright & masculine garments throughout the world, while proudly maintaining our Australian heritage. We will be bringing you a fresh new menu to get you hands on and legs in.




Mens Underwear

Supremely comfortable and classically styled Mens Underwear is the result of months of fabric testing and design refinements. Menswear is our passion. Classic, masculine styled mens underwear for the discerning man.

Mens Swimwear

Our exclusive range of mens swimwear is available in 3 colours using our supremely comfortable and classic style underwear design in durable lycra. Liquid Lunch is swimwear for the confident man.

Boxer Briefs

Supremely soft stretch cotton blend fabric provides superior comfort all day and night in Lunch BOXers and classic T. If you prefer more room in your underwear, Lunch BOXers are the perfect solution for busy days and for lounging and relaxing all day or night.  pair them with our classically styled white cotton blend T which is versatile enough to wear as an undershirt, a casual T or for lounging about at home.