Lunch Brand Promise

A little while ago we started a quest to find underwear designed with men’s bits in mind.

Underwear that is comfortable and designed to fit, accentuate, and support with a focus on superior comfort and masculine style. And importantly, underwear that is designed to keep everything in check and out of harm’s way during a busy life.  When your man bits are supported and out front, then you look better and are more comfortable.  It’s a no brainer!  Look better and more comfortable!

So when we found very little in the market place to match these criteria we set about creating it. The result is ‘Lunch’ – a range of underwear designed to better meet the real needs of men. Following months of testing of fabrics, design tweaking and product sampling, we believe we’ve created a range of garments of superior comfort, quality and durability.  Which also look great when worn.

You’ll find Lunch underwear in 2 different forms – LunchBOX and packed Lunch.  The difference is in the fabric. LunchBOX features a premium, heavier weight, soft fabric with a luxury feel.  Designed for everyday wear and for when you want to treat yourself and your manhood.  Soft yet durable, supportive and cool.  LunchBOX is a little bit of luxury under your trousers!  PACKED Lunch is a lighter weight, cotton blend fabric perfectly suited for the active lifestyle.  Again designed for everyday wear in vibrant colours which reflect your confident personality.  Move from work to the gym to the club with confidence and comfort.  Each range features the same design with our innovative inner supportive pouch (a lunch basket!) to keep your manhood supported and isolated from your body – no skin to skin contact!  They feature our unique ‘Lunch’ trimming, and are proudly made in Australia.

We are constantly updating the range with new colours and styles so join our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when there is something new on the Lunch menu!

looking good and feeling great

Designed in Brisbane and brought to life in Sydney using fabrics from Brisbane, Melbourne and New Zealand, Lunch underwear is the result of extensive wear testing and design refinement using high quality elastics and fabric. Every component has been chosen because of what it added to the experience of wearing the garment – with comfort and style being the only criteria.

While we believe we have created a garment of superior comfort, we also know that your underwear needs to look good – particularly with you in them! At Lunch, our design philosophy was to focus on a strong masculine aesthetic with wide side profiles and a fit that contours to the male form. So our products support your bits while creating an impressive look, from every angle. And no matter if you prefer classic colours or vibrant bold colours – you can have Lunch at any time of day or for any occasion.

In the locker room, at the doctors, on a date (with potential for pants off) or during an inauspicious game of pool (time for an ‘undie run’!?), you know that sooner or later you’re going to be seen in your undies. But when you’re wearing Lunch you will be confident that when the reveal happens, you will be looking your best.  In fact, we expect you’ll find any excuse to strip down to your Lunch and show off!  It’s all part of our mission to help you look better nearly naked!  So when your life moves in the direction of ‘pants off’, you know it’s Lunch time!

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