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Yes, trust us, they will fit! The fabric is stretchy and there is plenty of room! So, your man bits go inside the pouch and the back of the pouch sits underneath and behind the scrotum. You’ll get the idea once you put them on. It will keep your lunch well supported and proud all day, and when it comes time for pants off, you’ll be showing an impressive profile. 😉  Perhaps this diagram will help if you are still a bit confused about how the enhancing support pocket of Lunch underwear works.  See, your penis and balls go into the front pouch pocket created by the turning up of the inner lining so that the back sits behind your balls.  It creates a shelf for your penis and balls to sit on and in the trunks, it has a more enhancing effect.  Either way, it keeps your genitals away from your body and supported impressively out front.

Lunch pouch diagram

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We are an Australian based brand so all transactions are done through PayPal in Australian Dollars.  We have added a currency converter to the eStore so that our international customers can get an idea of the cost of the garments in US Dollars, Euro and Pounds Sterling, but it will be converted to AUS dollars at the payment stage.

Postage is expensive, especially for a new business, but we know that we have a great product and we want you in our underwear! So we will ship your parcel anywhere in Australia for just $5.  That is a flat fee per parcel, so it wont cost you any more if you buy more undies.  If you want us to ship overseas we will ship your garments using Australia Post’s worldwide parcel postage and you’ll find the Austrlaia Post Plug-in at checkout to help you make the postage choice that is right for you.  There is not much we can do about the cost of postage overseas, but remember, it is based on weight limits, so it may be that it won’t cost you any more in shipping if you buy more than one pair of underwear.  I’m just saying!